Varma therapy

Varma therapy is a precise art of touching an individual exactly at the right point for the purpose of healing. Varma can be viewed as the meridian point corresponding to the organ, nerves and bodily system. By stimulating the varma point, the prana or the life energy can be directed to remove blockage and stimulate energy flow, thus resulting in a healthy state of mind, body and spirit. The energy of the human is associated with multi-dimensional field, and blockage of these fields leads to disruption in flow of energy. Consequently the process leads to disease or deranged mental state. The bio energetic varma points when pressed, stimulated improves the functioning of organs by achieving homeostatis. Varma therapy on a physical level helps to revitalize the body tissue at cellular level. It also offers a way to treat many psychosomatic ailments without any internal medication.

Varma therapy is basically a neuro muscular and orthopaedic science. Anatomically it can be defined as the junction of muscles, blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, bones and joints. They are not superficial landmarks on the body surface, but are deep seated physio-anatomical structure each having its own width, height , depth and conscious level. Varma points vary in size from small to large,from special points along the hands and feet to significant regions on the trunk of the body like heart or the navel. When manipulated, varma can alter both the organic function and structural condition of the body. Through the right use of varma the entire physical and mental energy can be continuously increased, decreased, or redirected in a transformative manner.Varma points are vital diagnostic tools.Toxins,stress, negative emotions get lodged in varma points for a long period and then manifest as disease.The disease is reflected as pain, swelling and blockage in localized area. Relieving the pain, blockage and swelling is the prime treatment procedure in varma therapy.

Varma therapy relives pain both locally and distally. The stimulation of the vital points can increase the release of neuro chemicals such as serotonin for improved cognitive function.Varma points are very crucial, that any injury to the point can cause severe pain, disability, loss of function and loss of sensation.Varma can also be practiced daily like yoga that help stress-relief, releasing stiffness of muscle joint and to re-energize the body.

As a healing approach, varma therapy improves the process of circulation, corrects the disturbed path of air transportation, improves physical and mental flexibility, boosts overall process of transportation and detoxification. The therapy is helpful in healing pathological condition of muscular pain, joint pain, nervous systemic disorders, respiratory obstruction, headaches and migraine, paralysis, autism and neuro muscular disorders.

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